Saks Fifth Avenue Statement on Fur

Saks Fifth Avenue has made the decision to stop selling animal fur products by the end of fiscal 2022*. With this commitment, we will no longer offer products from animals raised for the use of their fur, including but not limited to mink, fox, chinchilla and sable, as well as fur products derived from wild animals, such as coyote and beaver. We will take a phased approach, starting with closing fur salons by the end of fiscal 2021** and eliminating products sold by brand partners by the end of fiscal 2022.

We will continue the sale of faux fur products, as well as those products that include:

• Sheepskin/lambskin (e.g., shearling), goatskin, or cattle hide (e.g., “pony” and “calf hair”)
• Down/feathers
• Leather

This change will apply to all merchandise sold on and at Saks Fifth Avenue stores, including brand partner and private label products.

*The end of fiscal 2022 is defined as the period ending January 28, 2023.
**The end of fiscal 2021 is defined as the period ending January 29, 2022.